1. Distemper (Disease of Doctor Carré)

Distemper is a disease caused by a paramyxovirus. It is very contagious and is found all over the world. It can be transmitted without direct bodily contact. It often causes death or permanent sequelae. Puppies like adult dogs can be affected. The symptoms are multiple : respiratory (cough, runny nose), digestive (vomiting, diarrhea) and / or nervous (seizure). These symptoms can be present successively or simultaneously.  It also happens that only one or two of these symptoms develop.

2. Parvovirosis

Parvovirosis is a disease caused by a parvovirus (CPV2). It is highly contagious, transmitted by contact with viral particles eliminated by affected animals, among other via excrement.  It is characterized by often fatal hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. The virus responsible for this disease has the additional possibility of reducing the dog’s immune defenses, thereby increasing its sensitivity to other infections.

3. Infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough)

This tracheobronchitis is caused by several viruses including a para influenza (CPIV), complicated by a bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica. It is particularly frequent in communities of dogs (breedings, kennels, dog schools).  It is characterized by a strong, long-lasting cough (often 3 to 6 weeks), the most common complication being pneumonia.

4. Infectious Hepatitis

Infectious hepatitis is a disease caused by an adenovirus (CAV1). The virus is mainly transmitted through the urine of infected animals. It often progresses towards healing for adults but towards death for puppies. Symptoms are gastroenteritis, often accompanied by lymph node swelling.

5. Leptospirosis

Contagious disease common to humans and many animal species. Leptospires are bacteria that enter the animal’s body through the nose, mouth, wounds and even through the skin.  These leptospires are often found in standing water. Symptoms can be either acute or chronic : hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, jaundice (“jaundice”), and long-term kidney failure.

6. Rabies

A disease caused by a rhabdovirus that can infect all warm-blooded animals, including humans. It is fatal in most cases! The virus enters the body through a bite caused by a rabid animal, it spreads to the nervous system where it multiplies and causes irreversible damage, leading to death.  The seriousness of this disease explains why the authorities are very strict on this subject : as soon as you are leaving Belgium, vaccination is compulsory.  And blood tests are required for countries outside the European Community.


Many vaccines now exist and must be given at specific times to ensure optimal protection.
Taking into account your lifestyle and the risks to your dog’s health, your veterinarian will establish with you his ideal vaccination schedule.