1. Feed at fixed times without giving anything between meals.

2. Establish a single location for eliminations.

3. Take the dog there when you wake up, after meals, and after drinking.

4. Always reward and congratulate the dog when it has eliminated in the right place and at the right time.

5. In the event of an “accident” : do not get angry, and do not punish him.  Clean out of sight of the dog.

6. In the event of repeated accidents, always clean out of sight of the dog, and impregnate with a new smell (lemongrass, deodorant, alcohol, vinegar, etc.). Then take the dog to the crime scene and make him feel. If he runs away, praise and pet him. In case of failure, take a cotton ball of this smell and stuff it in the mouth, or spray the nose with the deodorant spray. If it leaks, pet it.

7. During the hours corresponding to your absences during the week, train the dog to restrain himself, by distracting him at times when he seems to want to defecate or urinate.
Do not play “doorman” on weekends during the hours when you are absent during the week.

8. Remove food and drink during these same hours if the dog is unable to hold back sufficiently.  Ultimately, the dog will only drink at mealtime (remove the bowl of water outside these hours.)