1. Call the puppy with a firm voice just before a meal.
  2. When he obeys, call him outside of meals and reward him with food.
  3. When (2) succeeds, do the same outside the house.
  4. If, after several attempts, the dog does not return, tie it to a 5 meter long rope, and accompany your call with a light pull. At the slightest sign of return, you should encourage him a lot.
  5. If he walks away from you, throw a noisy object in front of him that will surprise him. Recall it as in (4).
  6. Increase the distance by 2 meters at a time. Go from 5 to 10 meters.
  7. Let go of the rope but leave it attached to the dog.
  8. Completely detach the rope.
  9. Accompany your voice call with an arm gesture : strike your thigh with the palm of your hand, arm extended, sideways.
  10. Simultaneously with your calls (voice and gesture), add 2 short blows to the whistle. Thus the dog will return, even if he does not see you.